5 Reasons Why Canada Is Good for the Soul

5 Reasons Why Canada Is Good for the Soul - RnR Wellness Spa

5 Reasons Why Canada Is Good for the Soul

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It is the time of year when we celebrate the country we love. We may have our list of complaints regarding politics or the economy. But when it is time to reflect on what it is that makes the world connects so easily with our lovable homeland it is easy to see why Canada is good for the soul. 


The Mountains Bring Peace To The People 

We are one of the most peaceful countries in the world. When you spend time in our great outdoors it quickly becomes evident the special power that our landscape has. It is our medicine. Which is why we love spending so much time getting into the great outdoors and letting it work it’s magic. You typically don’t find too many anxious or stressed out Canucks on one of our beautiful mountain paths.


Canadians Are Kindful

We are a mindful and a kind bunch (kindful). Yes that is a word. We enjoy an awareness typically not seen in many other countries or cultures. When it comes to both self awareness and global awareness we tend to be a little more enlightened. We also take pride in our gracious and calming persona. Why would you want to be any other way? Canadians are happy and we know joy is good for the soul which means Canada is good for the soul. 


Breathtaking Sanctuaries 

Canada is one of the most photogenic places in the world. Travelers come from everywhere to fill their Instagram feeds with our lakes, glaciers and shorelines. Spending time in the silence of these wonders have a similar effect to meditating in a Tibetan monastery. We are truly blessed by our surroundings. 


A Bounty Of Nourishment And Healing 

From coast to coast we connect to the land. For centuries the Aboriginal community has known it’s healing powers. Here at RnR Wellness we use the healing power of Canadian Lavender to calm the nerves and relax the muscles.



That is right we said it. The winters may be chilly but they do bring their own tranquility and serenity. It is such a magical feeling to watch the snow fall and transform our landscape into a completely different kind of stunning beauty. We still get outdoors during our long winters. Our ski resorts are world class and even just a walk in the winter brings a message of simplicity to the soul. 


We believe this unique Canadian spirit has powerful healing effects. So we captured it in our new spa experiences in order to celebrate all those things we hold so dear. Come try them out see why Canada is good for the soul.   


Happy Canada Day !

5 Reasons Why Canada Is Good for the Soul - RnR Wellness Spa




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