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The Power of “I will….”

September 14, 2020 Published by

Elisabeth Fayt, Author of  Paving It Forward    For ten years, I was Executive Assistant to Canada’s Coffee King, Billionaire Ron Joyce and I traveled the world on his private jet. You can’t even imagine the life of luxury and excitement that I was able to partake in and be […]

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Combating Negative Emotions

August 25, 2020 Published by

Elisabeth Fayt, Author of  Paving It Forward    Let’s face it. We’re human beings, not stones. We “feel”.  But being human, sometimes we don’t choose feelings that serve us well. What we feel, we attract. And what we strongly feel, we become a powerful magnet for.    Isn’t that […]

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What’s your mental diet? - RnR Wellness Spa

What’s your mental diet?

July 5, 2020 Published by

By Elisabeth Fayt   Well, here’s some food for thought.   We’re all so concerned about getting our daily “greens”.  But what about the thoughts we habitually chew on?   Important to know:  Each thought carries within itself, the power to create, whether you acknowledge it or not, and […]

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4 Powerful Ways To Bring More Love Into Your Life - RnR Wellness Spa

4 Powerful Ways To Bring More Love Into Your Life

May 25, 2020 Published by

LOVE   Love is the one common thread among all people of all nations. We all seek it, and need it to survive. But isn’t it so, that our relationships with others can often be the source of our greatest frustrations and sorrows?      In Elisabeths’ audio below, […]

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The Endless Benefits of Gratitude - RnR Wellness Spa

The Endless Benefits of Gratitude

April 23, 2020 Published by

It is amazing how many life enhancing benefits come from practicing gratitude. Who doesn’t want more of the good stuff in life? The benefits we are talking about are things like more awareness, joy, abundance and positive thoughts. Practicing gratitude gets you aligned with the universe and clears out […]

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