Finding BALANCE in an “everybody wants a piece o’ me” world

Finding BALANCE in an “everybody wants a piece o’ me” world

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Finding BALANCE in an “everybody wants a piece o’ me” world - RnR Wellness Spa 

Elisabeth Fayt, Author of Paving It Forward



Over the years, as a Spa Owner, International Speaker, and mother of three, I’ve had to learn how to strike a balance. Tapping into the powerful Law of Attraction, let’s explore a few effective tips for finding balance when you feel like you’re being pulled in different directions.


Important to know:  


Balance is a choice.  It begins with your thought.  You have the ability to talk yourself in or out of balance.  


Think of the most frequently asked question “How are you?” 

Most people ask this question out of mindless habit. It’s become the automatic salutation of the western world.  Fact is, rarely does anyone listen long enough to hear your response.   But know for certain—the Universe is always listening.  So how you respond to this question can completely change your day!


Finding BALANCE in an “everybody wants a piece o’ me” world - RnR Wellness Spa


If you respond with “I’m so busy!” the Universe takes this as truth and gives you more reasons to feel overwhelmed.  The Universe can’t take a joke ~ it takes you at your word! I’ve learned to take “busy” right out of my vocabulary. I coach people instead to respond with this:  “I am blissfully productive” and say it with a smile!  Or “I am working on finding balance today.”  Feel the peace as you say the words.  Already, the Universe starts to support you toward your goal.


Believe me, it’s that easy.  Your thoughts and words are so powerful and they’re “paving the way”.  Your thoughts become your INTENTIONS, and your intentions create your reality.  The great thing is this~you can choose your thoughts, right?


Finding BALANCE in an “everybody wants a piece o’ me” world - RnR Wellness Spa



Have you asked for balance lately? Have you chosen balance?


If you really want balance in your life, you need to ask for it!  Wake up in the morning and start the day with one or more of these thought demands, which I call Pre-Paves:  “Today I find balance.  I choose peace and harmony in all my activities. I have plenty of time to accomplish everything I need to today. I feel peaceful.  I love my life.”  Starting the day off like this will make a significant change in the experiences you attract to yourself. Pre-paving lines up the energy to create what you want. It works like mathematics—it’s energy!


Here’s one last tip:  Once a day or whenever you feel a little out of balance, take a quick time-out in Nature.  Nature is in perfect balance, so when you immerse yourself in it, your whole outlook on life changes.  Again, it’s energy. Observe an old tree.  It lives for hundreds of years withstanding storms and insects, without making a sound.  Nature grows and survives in perfect balance.  When you spend even a few moments in that environment, your own energy finds its natural equilibrium.  Even a brief walk down a tree-covered lane or by a riverbank can change the course of your day.


Life is a journey not a destination and your thoughts are at the wheel.  You have everything you need to find balance in your life.  It’s right within the realm of your own mind.  Choose thoughts and words that will pave you forward on a road to Peace and Balance.


Finding BALANCE in an “everybody wants a piece o’ me” world - RnR Wellness Spa




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