Welcome To The Peaceful Warrior

Welcome To The Peaceful Warrior

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Welcome to the inaugural post of the Peaceful Warrior blog.  Brought to you from the team at RnR Wellness it is dedicated to bringing you high value content for self care. The type of content that may just put you in that ‘good place’ we all seek to find.



Welcome To The Peaceful Warrior - RnR Wellness Spa


A Place For Self Care

It may sound a little too simplistic but we all just want to feel good. To find that place, whether it be online, in our homes, in nature, or spending time with our tribe at the coffee shop. Personally, we think the spa is the best place to feel good. But since you can’t be at the spa 24/7 we have decided to create a place online where you can come anytime and find that connection that will give you what you need to feel good. Here at RnR we are in the business of making your day better.


‘Being happy never goes out of style’
                               -Lilly Pulitzer

A Place For Your Body

The practice of nurturing our bodies inside and out provides us with vital energy. It gives us energy and strength to engage the world we live in. Our day to day lives can tax our energy. To live our best lives and take care of those we care about we need to fill our own vessel w by taking care of our physical bodies.

Nurturing our bodies also sends invigorating energy to our mind and soul. We feel good when we have beautiful healthy skin or a body that doesn’t ache.

The Peaceful Warrior is where you will find what you need to nourish your body. We just happen to be in the business of taking care of that body of yours. So we do have a lot to share on the subject of how to take care of our physical bodies.


A Place For Your Mind

It feels good to go through the day with a clear mind. A mind free of clutter that lets us live the life we envision. Living with an empowered and powerful mind can lead to decisions and actions that create a life filled with abundance. Our emotions are a reflection of our thoughts so when we are in the right thinking state we feel good.

Just like nurturing our bodies creates strength for our mind and soul, taking care of our mental health creates a life where we are better able to be connected with our body and our heart.

The Peaceful Warrior is where you will find what you need for a clear, quiet and powerful mind. In fact our upcoming post is dedicated to the power of silence.


A Place For Your Soul

Our soul is our connection to life. No matter what our beliefs or our faith we need to take care of that special place inside that is unique to who we are as an individual and yet is connected to so much more than us.

Often neglected, our spiritual condition may be the most important of the three pillars. It is not so tangible as our body or mind, yet it is the very essence of who we are and the quality of our lives.

The Peaceful Warrior is where you can come to feed the soul. Here you will find spiritual and inspirational information from our Founder, Elisabeth Fayt as well quality content from a wide range of insightful contributors. We are sure you are going to find the kind of information that will make Peaceful Warrior part of your self care rituals.


Stay Tuned In

Our next installment of the Peaceful Warrior blog will be coming shortly. Until then if you like what you see please follow and like us on the social links at the bottom of this email. Besides getting our newsletter you can also enjoy daily insights to enhance your feel good factor.


The Peaceful Warrior team at RnR Wellness



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