Stop and Smell The Trees

Stop and Smell The Trees

September 30, 2020 9:37 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Stop and Smell The Trees - RnR Wellness Spa

Elisabeth Fayt, Author of  Paving It Forward 


Last March, I was on the chairlift at Panorama Ski Resort, and as I stared out at the majestic snow-peaked mountain, I reflected on my fast-paced life. Despite many attempts to “slow down”, I realized it was going to take a change, so I made an internal cry for help. 


The next day on the hill, I experienced a full-body collision with another skier, resulting in a fractured rib. It wasn’t long before I remembered my divine plea. Even through the pain with every breath, I couldn’t help but smile at the irony. 


A week later, COVID hit Calgary. 


I think the Universe hit me twice, to make sure I wouldn’t resort back to my old ways.


This is what happens when we don’t listen. We’re forced with the opportunity to make a change. Although it may be uncomfortable, it’s always a good thing in the end.


Perhaps the whole world has been given the same lesson: to stop and smell the coffee, to stop and listen to your child, to stop and tell your spouse you love him or her, to stop and tell your Creator “thank you”.


Each one of us has a COVID story to tell, I’m sure, about how it changed our lives. I have a few. So here is one of mine. Every day during COVID, I would see droves of people outside my window walking their dogs. I thought to myself, “what a wonderful way to slow down”.  A pet gets you out for a walk. A pet requires your undivided attention. A pet shows you unconditional love.


Stop and Smell The Trees - RnR Wellness Spa


So my family agreed to my request for a puppy, which took 6 months to arrive. And as of two weeks ago, I now have a West Highland Terrier puppy at home. He is teaching me patience (through potty training) but best of all, he is teaching me to slow down with slow walks around the block (vs. my usual power walk) where together, we stop and smell the trees.


Thank you, Universe, for the greatest gift I could have ever asked for.




Stop and Smell The Trees - RnR Wellness Spa


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