Table for One

Table for One

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Table for One - RnR Wellness Spa

By Leigh-Anne Peterson

Rnr Wellness Editor


We have all been there. We had a rough day at work or with our kids, maybe we got pulled in too many directions by too many people, and suddenly we just need to be alone.  Some of us will take a long bath, curl up with a book, or even just hide in bed.  These are all important parts of self-care, and definitely help us re-centre and move past those tough moments.


But what about spending time by ourselves just because?


I learned to enjoy my own company out of necessity.  I used to travel for work, and would often find myself alone in a new city; facing another evening of eating alone in a hotel room, out of a lunch kit, for the 3rd night in a row.  At the beginning of that life, I would never have dreamed of entering an eating establishment alone.  I certainly would not have hopped on city transit in a strange place, not knowing exactly where I would end up.  Then one day, I decided to be brave.  I ventured down to the hotel lobby restaurant to enjoy a hot meal.  Alone.  That evening catapulted me into years of solo adventures.  Since then, I have travelled and explored many cities on my own – and not just for work.  I have learned to appreciate my own company.  I have learned that alone equals great!


There are actually many benefits to spending time alone.


  1. You can do what you want on the timeline you choose.  When you travel with other people, or even participate in activities in your home city, you are always on a shared timeline.  When you do these things alone, you can spend as much time as you want staring at that painting in the gallery you popped in to!  You can skip out on things that you don’t have any personal interest in, and focus on what brings you joy. 
  2. You learn to appreciate your own thoughts and feelings.  When you are always surrounded by other people, it becomes easy to lose your thoughts in the constant din of other opinions.  When you spend time exploring your own interests, you get to explore your own thoughts and feelings at the same time.  You learn to examine them, bask in them, let the negative ones go and focus on the positive.
  3. You come to appreciate your people even more.  It is easy to take your family and friends for granted when they are always there.  When you spend time alone, the time with those you love becomes even better and more cherished.  You are a more balanced person, which makes you able to add even more value to your relationships of all sorts.


If you are new to solo adventures – start small.  Do you already have a favourite eatery that you frequent with your group of people?  Pop in for lunch alone.  Chances are the staff will recognize you, and you will feel a bit more comfortable and at home.  You can also make a solo adventure afternoon out of a mundane task.  Buy yourself that expensive speciality coffee and walk in the park after your hair appointment.  Soon, you will be able to take yourself out on the town!


I truly believe that learning to be comfortable alone has changed my life.  Had I continued believing that life was only meant to be enjoyed in the company of others – I would have missed so many amazing experiences and adventures.  Most importantly – I  may have never realized that I am a truly amazing person!


Table for One - RnR Wellness Spa Table for One - RnR Wellness Spa Table for One - RnR Wellness Spa

Table for One - RnR Wellness Spa

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