Tapping Into The Infinite Source

Tapping Into The Infinite Source - RnR Wellness Spa

Tapping Into The Infinite Source

July 1, 2020 1:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


Tapping Into The Infinite Source - RnR Wellness Spa






by Elisabeth Fayt



Especially now, wouldn’t it be great to tap into a reservoir of Abundance for our daily needs?


Well, we have one!


Here is a quote I’ve clung to these past few weeks and months, as I’ve navigated through my daily challenges.


Tapping Into The Infinite Source - RnR Wellness Spa



What does this mean in practical terms?


Well, you are surrounded by a God-source of energy: a storehouse of abundance, health, and happiness, if only you were aware of it.  And all of it is yours for the receiving, using, expressing, and sharing.  So often we can let ourselves get down by life’s circumstances, forgetting to tap into that reservoir of power that is at our disposal at all times. 


Start by just being aware it’s there.  Be still and feel it.  Sense it and acknowledge it. That’s the first step.  And you tap into it by being open to receiving. Here are a couple of ways to tap in:


  1.  Through Meditation:  When you meditate and still the body and mind, you can become aware Tapping Into The Infinite Source - RnR Wellness Spaof the energy around you. If you’re new to meditation, check out our Q & A for some great tips to get you started.         
  2. Through Positive Thinking: When you’re indulging in a “poor me” attitude or any type of negative mood, you instantly close off your awareness connection to the Universal storehouse of goodness.  It’s easy to snap back in tune by bringing in some positive thoughts. I always say, wherever you are, reach for a more positive thought. It may not be the best, but then reach for one a little higher and so on, until you get to a thought that sounds as positive as these: “I am abundant!  I am protected! I am loved and supported!  I am happy!”                                                 
  3. Through Conscious Choice: If this Universal Storehouse of Good is yours for the asking, then ask! You get what you ask for. So say a pre-pave or make your intention to the Universe. A great morning affirmation to use may sound like this: “Today I live and breathe with perfect faith that I will receive what I need, at the time I need it.” Say this with conviction, knowing your request has been heard.



Tapping Into The Infinite Source - RnR Wellness Spa


We can tap into the Infinite Source for the healing of body and mind as well, and this is what our Audio program is all about this month.


If you’ve never had a Reiki session, this is your chance for a taste! In this sacred Rainshower Meditation, you will be bathed in Reiki energy and will learn how to tap into the healing power of Source.  Find a quiet place, light a candle, get yourself into a relaxing position and join me on a healing journey that will cleanse every cell in your body, and transcend time, healing present, past, and future.  


Reiki Rainshower Meditation (audio program)




Tapping Into The Infinite Source - RnR Wellness Spa



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