The Power of “I will….”

The Power of “I will….”

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The Power of “I will….” - RnR Wellness Spa

Elisabeth Fayt, Author of  Paving It Forward 


For ten years, I was Executive Assistant to Canada’s Coffee King, Billionaire Ron Joyce and I traveled the world on his private jet. You can’t even imagine the life of luxury and excitement that I was able to partake in and be part of. A normal day would very naturally include meeting with business dignitaries, famous personalities and politicians. Another day might be spent working with the media or Mr. Joyce’s multiple executive teams across the country and handling the day to day behind-the-scenes of a business mogul. Never a dull moment in the life of the rich and famous!

You might ask, “how does someone get a job like this?”  Well, I remember quite vividly the day I received the job offer, and sharing it with my sister, who quickly exclaimed, “Don’t you remember? You pre-paved this!” 


The Power of “I will….” - RnR Wellness Spa


It all came back to me. At the age of 17 and just out of high school, with an aptitude for secretarial work, I worked for a Temp Agency that positioned me over the summer months in several different offices for short term work projects. The one thing that struck me as similar, was that every business had a top Executive Assistant who worked for the CEO, Owner or Founder. This person seemed to know everything, and was the one to whom everyone went for answers and direction. 


I quickly figured, this was the position I wanted!


Setting my sights even higher, I emphatically pre-paved “One day, I will be a Private Assistant to a Billionaire who has his own airplane!”. Not sure exactly where that came from, but I pictured myself in a business suit, briefcase in hand, walking up the tarmac with my boss.


And that’s where I left it.  I went about my life, doing my very best, taking opportunities as they arose. Then came the chance to work as an Executive Assistant for Tim Hortons in their Calgary Regional Office. A few years into the job, the Founder noticed how I worked with great passion and purpose. He sat me down and said “Elisabeth, you make things happen. I need you on the road with me as I build my business and empire.”  And there it was, my dream job, and my pre-pave come to life.


This is the power of Intention, my friends.  It’s what I’ve always called pre-paving, and it starts with “I will”. Have faith, and believe in the power of your words. They will not fail you, when you say them with conviction.


Never underestimate your own ability to create your dreams.

The Power of “I will….” - RnR Wellness Spa

What is yourI will”?  Pre-pave it, and make it happen.


The Power of “I will….” - RnR Wellness Spa

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