Want An Attitude That Will Reap Abundance And Happiness?

Want An Attitude That Will Reap Abundance And Happiness?

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Want An Attitude That Will Reap Abundance And Happiness? - RnR Wellness Spa

by Elisabeth Fayt



Cultivating Right Attitude for Dealing with Life’s Challenges


In any life situation, there’s always a Right Attitude to have, that will reap you abundance and happiness. Let’s take a look at some ways we sink into the wrong attitude without realizing it.


Self-Pity is one of the most serious detriments to happiness. What pulls us into its tailspin? 


Criticism is one thing that can do it. What I’ve learned is this: When someone criticizes you, never defend, justify or feel sorry for yourself. Quietly introspect and say to yourself: “Is there any truth to what this person is saying?” If yes, then silently correct yourself. Sometimes our best friends are those who are honest with us and feel comfortable enough to help us in this way.  If not, then think “Well, this experience has come to me, not someone else. What am I supposed to learn from it?” Sometimes all it is supposed to teach you is mental toughness, not to fall to pieces when someone says something you don’t like.


I know, easier said than done sometimes. When you’re in the throws of it, you can be swept away by a negative mood, then all reasoning goes out the window. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead of time how you will behave in trying circumstances. When you behave rightly, the mood doesn’t catch hold of you, and you can pave your way to happiness, despite any outward circumstance.


Want An Attitude That Will Reap Abundance And Happiness? - RnR Wellness Spa

Right Attitude is thinking and behaving rightly in all circumstances, in order to reap abundance and happiness. 


Another way to practice Right Attitude is to look within for acknowledgment.  Don’t seek it from outside. Some of the most famous personalities who received an over-abundance of outward praise still ended their own lives in despair. Nothing outside of you can give you validation. Your worthiness has to come from inside. By quieting the mind, as we discussed in previous blogs on Mediation, you discover who you really are, and what your special gifts are. Those gifts are unique to you, and you have an opportunity to share them. Start each day asking how you can use those gifts to serve others and the world. That is another way to get yourself out of a slump and to practice Right Attitude.


I’ve said before that happiness is something you can decide to cultivate or not.  It’s a choice.  True happiness comes without condition.  The moment your happiness is attached to a condition, it’s no longer true happiness, because it’s dependent on something that could be snatched away at any moment. And it will be, because this is how the Universe operates. Every experience is orchestrated to teach you something.  Be non-attached. Learn to live in a state of mind that brings you happiness without condition.


Living the spiritual life isn’t just about sitting in meditation and doing good to others. It’s about cultivating the Right Attitude in the hard light of the day.  It’s about learning to overcome our daily challenges with a positive and cheerful perspective.


Want An Attitude That Will Reap Abundance And Happiness? - RnR Wellness Spa



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