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Think Well

April 3, 2020 2:24 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

We are at an unprecedented place in time. In recent history there has never been an event that has caused humanity to look at itself in the mirror and see its own true reflection!

What is that reflection telling us? We are seeing those around us rise up and shine in an altruistic way like never before. People reaching out to help each other in whatever way they are able. Even if it is just to bring a smile to someone’s day. Witnessing this gives us all hope for a better world and that the world we all live in, is an amazing place right now.

Because we live in a digital age we also have negative news and information coming at us from all directions. If you have a smartphone, laptop or television you know what we mean. It can grab our attention and lead us into a place of judgmental cynicism and doubt.

In times like this, it’s so important to keep your thoughts on the positive! Here’s a little nudge. A poem from our Founder, Elisabeth Fayt. Feel free to hit the social sharing buttons at the top of this post. 


Think Well - RnR Wellness Spa



  by Elisabeth Fayt

When you feel the urge to judge,
Think instead of what you admire,
Then hold that thought.

When the day ahead seems glum,
Remember what you appreciate,
Then hold that thought.

When someone snaps at you,
Wish for them a better day,
Then hold that thought.

When you feel inclined to grumble,
Bring to mind what makes you happy,
Then hold that thought.

Your thoughts are what create your world,
Consciously or not,
Decide in every moment
What it is you truly want.
The world will bring you, at your will,
A little or a lot,

You have but only one small job,
Think well, then hold that thought.

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