Opportunity For Change

Opportunity For Change - RnR Wellness Spa

Opportunity For Change

March 27, 2020 12:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


Drastic change has just been introduced into everyone’s daily lives around the world. It is different but is it a negative thing? There may be a blessing hidden in this new found time we have on our hands. We now have the opportunity to take a step back and see how intentional we have been living our lives. We also likely have the time we need to take the concept of wellness in our lives, to a new level and work on our self nurturing practices. 


Opportunity For Change - RnR Wellness Spa


In the days and weeks ahead you will find our Peaceful Warrior Blog a place where you can come to get needed support and self care practices that work for you.  Physical, mental and spiritual wellness is now more important than ever and we will be your resource for high quality content during these times.  

Also stay tuned in to our social media channels as we will be filling them with life enhancing content to keep you on track through these uncharted waters we find ourselves in. 

Opportunity For Change - RnR Wellness Spa



So when we take a moment to step back, maybe with our journal or maybe just in our own silent space, one of the first questions we can ask is how intentional we have been living our lives. You will likely find this exercise produces a welcome awakening that brings a level of consciousness and insight that maybe had disappeared in your busy day to day life of chasing whatever it is you may have been chasing. 


As a tool to help guide you on this process we would like to share with you the best selling book “Paving It Forward” from RNR’s founder and best selling author Elisabeth Fayt. She is an world-renowned inspirational speaker and through her books and international lectures Elisabeth has helped thousands reach their greatest potential by using the energy of thought to Pave It Forward. 


“We spend more time choosing what we will wear in the morning, than we do choosing how we will connect with people, how we will feel, or what we will accomplish.” 

Elisabeth Fayt                                                         


Elisabeth shows you how to consciously use the power of intention to create a life of abundance, health and love. Simple, easy and practical tools you can begin to use right away with immediate changes, for a better and more fulfilling life.”


Access your free copy of the Paving It Forward by clicking on the ebook below

Opportunity For Change - RnR Wellness Spa




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